MIPIM UK 2018 – A great success for Ealing In London

Ealing In London’s stand in this year’s London Zone at MIPIM UK on 17 and 18 October was a great success for the team led by Cllr Julian Bell, Council Leader, and Tony Clements, Executive Director of Regeneration and Housing. The team made a number of new contacts and leads for some of their current opportunity sites and for future town centre development.

During the event, Cllr Bell spoke on the Opportunity West panel about Ealing and some of the challenges that lie ahead and that the borough very much remains “open for business”.

“We want to keep pushing to improve the quality of life for our residents, to make our town centres less polluted and better for pedestrians and for them to spend more leisure time here. Our vision is to make them European destinations, such as Southall, which properly marketed could be a real attraction.

“Connectivity and Crossrail will be transformational but we don’t want people to rush in and out. We want to make neighbourhoods of the future – encourage cycling, walking and orbital routes and perhaps electric only vehicles in some areas – to make us London’s best-connected place.

“We want our developments to be more inclusive – and to move on genuinely affordable homes and to work with developers on that.Ealing is open and always will be – and our presence at MIPIM and other events signals that.”

Speaking at London’s Town Centres panel with Sue Cooper from Catalyst housing association and Ian Painting from Barton Willmore, Tony Clements said, “Key to getting our town centres right is what does development mean for residents and local services. The challenges on small sites is that it is easier if we engage and have the conversations right at the beginning. Our local plans will help us do that.

“Our seven town centres are very different and we want different futures for each. Development and greater density here is part of the solution.Although many parts of the borough are affluent we also need to encourage retail offerings for low incomes as well so we have something for all from the Greggs to the Gails.”

If you would like to find out more about regeneration and opportunities in the London Borough of Ealing please contact Robin Das dasr@ealing.gov.uk or Iesha Anastasiou anastasioui@ealing.gov.uk