Join Ealing In London at the CIH conference in Brighton

Do you have the ambition, scope and vision to work with a London local authority that has one of the best track records for private/public sector partnership working in the UK?

If so, then join Ealing In London at this year's Chartered Institute of Housing conference in Brighton on 7 March and find out more about how you can help the council to meet its genuinely affordable homes target of 2,500 new homes by 2022.

This year, the team will be led by Tony Clements, Executive director of place, Alan Baldwin, Interim director of housing development, Dave Baptiste, Head of housing development, Ruth Goldfeather, New business development manager, Elaine Dorricott, Development programme manager, Iesha Anastasiou (TBC) and Robin Das, client relations, Ealing In London.

Over the last 12 months, Ealing Council has been recognised for:

  • The first successful council ballot at High Lane Estate in London under GLA funding rules;
  • The first local authority to complete new council homes in London under GLA programme and to receive GLA funding for council building; and
  • The award for the largest council delivery programme in London of 1,138 new homes by the GLA.

In January, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the Deputy Mayor of London, James Murray, toured Copley Hanwell W7, to view the first of the new genuinely affordable homes built, and residents at High Lane Estate, to hear their opinions of their planned estate regeneration.

In an interview in this year’s Ealing In London magazine, James Murray said: “Meeting residents at High Lane estate gave me confidence that our ballot approach will win Londoners’ trust.

“To see Ealing conduct the first (ballot) and the benefits that the residents’ association has brought to the process is really encouraging and we look forward to other councils and residents’ associations following Ealing’s suit.”

If you are a housing association or development partner, interested in opportunities to partner with Ealing Council and would like to join the event, then please contact Iesha Anastasiou